Teraglass also manufactures aluminium works, and has plenty of experience and important references in this field. We provide our clients the full range of aluminium works, and our company policy foresees a continuous development in this field. Teraglass started manufacturing the aluminium works in 2006 in the factory of thermal insulating products in Bistrita. Currently we use top quality Western European systems to manufacture aluminium works.

Profiles 11000

Modern or classic look through a broad range of profiles with straight and sloped, or curved surfaces; sealing using 3 rows of seals made of a special for a good sealing against water, air and noise.


Profiles M900

It is the lightest system for sliding joinery with mobile foil of 28 mm width. Seeming delicate and lighter, but without any quality compromise, is ideal for the constructions which must have a low cost.


Profiles M9300

The system includes special case profiles that allow for the installation, in addition to the sash frame, of an insect screen and shutters.