The system with PVC profiles used to manufacture Teraglass doors was designed by the experts at Technoplast, extrusion of the profiles is performed on Theysohn machines made in Austria at the Teraplast factory in Bistrita, the largest PVC processor in Romania. Teraplast adhered to the European legislation and adapted its profile manufacturing processes to protect human health and the environment. Thus the lead was removed from the stabilisation formula, and only the calcium-zinc formula is used. The profiles are 100% environmentally friendly. You can choose doors made from PVC profiles with 4, 6 and 7 chambers.

Interior doors

The Teraglass interior doors are made from PVC profiles, in the full range of RAL-EU colours, or coated with foils with shades of oak, walnut and mahogany.


Exterior doors

Teraglass exterior doors can be manufactured using profiles with 4, 6 and 7 chambers, with constructive widths between 60 and 88 mm.


Balcony doors and terraces

Our offer includes a diversified range of designs, made of PVC profiles, with thermal insulating glazing or a combination of panel and glazing.