More than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing of PVC windows and doors.

Due to our production capacity of PVC windows and doors exceeding 100,000 sqm/year, Teraglass factory is fitted with all the facilities required and is fully automated.

Cutting of the profiles is carried out at a centre provided by Rapid (Germany), connected on-line to the design server. This has an automatic profile measuring system, a cutting optimisation programme and a printer that generates bar codes for each semi-finished product.

The semi-finished products are processed on Rapid and Rotox centres. These are connected on-line to a design programme and identification is based on the bar-coded labels applied after the cutting process, enabling high-precision processing.

Welding of the semi-finished products is performed on four-headed Rotox machines, with automatic welding seam and of the frame size.

The Rotox CNC deburring machines are connected to the welding machines by means of an automatic frame conveyor system that provides a continuous and precise deburring of the welding seam, as well the drilling of the hinge holes on the case using a multi-axis head.

Installation of fittings on the sash is made on Rotox tables with mobile puncher and automatic sash measurement. Glazing is performed on Rotox glazing units that simulate the masonry opening for the installation of the joinery works. Curved or coloured joinery works can be manufactured, as well.

Teraglass also manufactures insulating glass

The insulating glass production line was manufactured by Lisec (Austria), it uses jumbo glass formats and is fitted with automatic conveyor and feeding systems for the cutting table connected on-line to an optimisation programme. The aluminium or thermal spacer stick is processed on an automated bending machine.

For the first sealing of the thermal insulating glazing a butyl extruder, while for the second sealing a Thiokol extruder is used. Formation of condensate inside the glazing kit is prevented by filling using automatic dosing of silica gel in the spacer stick. The degree of thermal insulation is increased by filling with argon the inside of the thermal insulating glazing kit.

The performance properties of our joinery works are checked at the IFT Rosenheim laboratory.