Why should you choose the thermal insulation joinery provided by TeraGlass?
Because we offer
Solutions without compromise
TeraGlass is the ideal choice for your project. Among the advantages you may obtain by choosing us as partner we list:
TeraGlass offers you high quality PVC or aluminum profiles. Aluminum profiles are all you need for the sliding doors of office buildings with complex architectural systems (glazing, facades and curtains).
The profiles in your PVC joinery are the optimum solution for houses / apartments and any type of residential building.   TeraGlass is sure that, regardless of the project, you have chosen the best doors and windows. All our products are designed to withstand thousands of uses, without any repairs or problems.
For example, an expensive window does not necessarily provide you with the comfort and security you need. And, no matter how good this would be, if the fitting is not done properly, the investment will not deliver the desired result. That's why you have to
make sure the purchased product is properly mounted.   For this reason, TeraGlass & icirc; offers professional assembly services, which have the role of highlighting the characteristics of the carpentry chosen and its performances.
To ensure that we deliver only the best products, without compromise, we carefully check all orders after manufacture. We make sure that our products bring you added safety and that you have chosen the best option for you and your project.
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That's because our partners are just as important to us as our customers. Over time we have established successful partnerships with companies such as Guardian, Roto, VBH, Aluplast, Salamander or TeraPlast, and we are proud that they continue successfully today. With the help of our partners, we have managed to maintain the quality of the products you need, in all these 10 years of activity.
At TeraGlass, I understand that every project is unique. Thus, to ensure that we can fulfill all your wishes, we offer you a wide range of quality products. With TeraGlass, no project is impossible to achieve with
The ideal choice for your project
Glass thickness: up to 46 mm
Sash width : 70 mm
Frame width: 62,5 mm
Glass thickness: 32mm/44mm
Profiles width: 73
Number of insulating chambers: 5
Glass thickness: 32mm/44mm
Profiles width: 70
Number of insulating chambers: 6
Glass thickness: 32mm/44mm
Profiles width: 70
Number of insulating chambers: 6
Glass thickness: 32mm/44mm
Profiles width: 88
Number of insulating chambers: 7
Glass thickness: 32mm/44mm/51mm
Profiles width: 85
Number of insulating chambers: 6
Glass thickness: 32mm/44mm
Profiles width: 82
Number of insulating chambers: 6
About TeraGlass
As member of TeraPlast Group, TeraGlass shares the same values and it is always looks to find the best solutions for its clients. Moreover, the safety and comfort of our clients are our main objectives. We carry out any project with seriousness and commitment, making sure that we deliver only the best products for you and your family.
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