Professional assembly

We are aware of you project’s importance and that is why, beside the promptness on which we want to deliver the products, we also take into consideration their proper assembly. We work only with experts in the field and beside the standard installation, we offer you the possibility to choose top solutions and professional assembly. Thus, you shall be able to fully enjoy our products and you shall have the safety that you made the best choice for you and your home or office.

In order to prevent the damage of the joining area, between the exterior windows or doors and masonry, the assembly of the thermal insulaton joinery has to be carefully planned on 3 plans of joinery insulation:


Outer layer - Weatherproofing

Stops joints penetration and protects against heavy rains and wind, allowing a faster dry of the joint and vapour diffusion.


Middle layer - Thermal and sound insulation

The functional layer in the middle has to be elastic in order to absorb the structural movements and the expansions of the window, but at the same time, to present good thermal and sound insulation features.


Interior layer - Vapor barrier

Eliminates the risk of mould in the middle layer, stopping vapour diffusion and insulates the interior climate of the room and the exterior climate.


Types of insulation systems

Three different system of professional assembly that successfully meet the most demanding requirements in the field. Each greenteQ product is tested and certified by the prestigious Institute IFT Rosenheim.