bluEvolution 82mm

A profile that combines perfectly energy efficiency and an innovative sealing technology, of the highest grade, the blueEvolution 82mm profile, due to its structure of specially optimized sealing wings and frames, thermally optimized and a glass package in triple combination, represents the best option for passive houses because it eliminates heat loss.

Coefficient of sound insulation

Rw = 35 (-3,-7)dB

Sealing gaskets


Thermal transfer coefficient

Up to Uw = 0,67 W/(m2K)

Glass thickness


Profiles width


Number of insulating chambers



The aspect of a house, both on the interior and the exterior, is influenced by the design of the profile, the shape of the joinery as well as by its colour.
TeraGlass customers may choose from a wide range of classic colours that imitate the structure of the wood, allowing them at the same time to choose the painting of the profiles in any RAL colour desired.

Aluskin aluminium cladding

The elegant aspect of aluminium cladding is particularly modern. Providing PVC windows with external aluminium skins that are easy to fix on the side of the profile offers a number of benefits that can’t be offered by as standard aluminium window. The result of this mix is a high quality product that combines the attractive design, the individual and attractive style, the individual style and excellent thermal properties.