The system with PVC profiles used to manufacture Teraglass windows was designed by the experts at Technoplast, extrusion of the profiles is performed on Theysohn machines made in Austria at the Teraplast factory in Bistrita, the largest PVC processor in Romania. Teraplast adhered to the European legislation and adapted its profile manufacturing processes to protect human health and the environment. Thus the lead was removed from the stabilisation formula, and only the calcium-zinc formula is used. The profiles are 100% environmentally friendly. You can choose doors made from PVC profiles with 4, 6 and 7 chambers.

4 chambers system

Beside its functionality and classic design suitable for façades, the 4-chamber system also offers great quality/price ratio. This system fascinates by its gradual balanced look and straight, smooth lines of the TP4000 profile. Your windows will impress by their classic, ageless style, but they will also prove to be a good investment.


6 chambers system

With its modern design, the 6-chamber system TP6000 is a complete system that enables the creation of products that fully meet the aesthetic and thermal insulation requirements. Teraglass windows included in this range have a rounded and smooth design that suggest high quality and high performance. Teraglass windows with 6 chambers are suitable for any type of residential building.


7 chambers system

Due to the larger width of the profile (88 mm), the increased number of insulating chambers (7), the thermal insulating properties of PVC and the possibility to install a thermal insulating glazing with a thickness of up to 44 mm increases the number of thermal and acoustic „barriers” that oppose heat transfer and sound propagation, the heat transfer factor is low, of k=0.7 W/m2xK, and the acoustic insulation factor is high (37 dB).